cornerstone contractings capabilities

Cornerstone Contractings Capabilities

Whilst our capability as an organisation is extensive and intricate, our relevant experience and expertise lay within the following areas:

All aspects including design, construction and turnkey projects

Tilt Panel Construction
From design to engineering, construction and erection

CSG and Mining Infrastructure Works
Concrete hardstand areas, heavy vehicle and driftrunner “Go-lines” and associated areas

Demountable Structure Installation
Including all hook-ups and access pathways etc, slabs of all sizes, concrete foundations, large and small formed concrete pits/sumps

Foundation Works for Liquid Storage
Tanks up to 5 ML and other associated infrastructure work for pumping stations etc

Pipework Installation and Poly Welding
Installation of Pump Stations, Poly welding and other plumbing works

Commercial and Industrial Sheds
Project management, design and construction of industrial and commercial buildings, hardstand areas, driveways and tilt panel buildings

Industrial Infrastructure Works
Wash out wedge pits and conveyor belt foundations, concrete retaining wall works for loading ramps

Shopping Centres
Concrete works for foundations, ground slabs, suspended slabs, car parks and tilt panels

Concrete Works
All forms of concrete and associated requirements for concrete works

Mine Site Maintenance
All aspects of Mine site maintenance from office maintenance, bathhouse maintenance infrastructure upgrades, Working for every department filling the gaps to help improve your operation

There is a great deal more we can offer, so please contact us to see how we can assist you with your next project.